Martes, Disyembre 6, 2011



HELLO GUYS! here I am again... 

This is my 1st time to write a back matter in English to my blog... hehehehehe... need comments for sure...
I'm a freethinker person, accept the comments to make my blog cut above to the followers i have..." at yong mga hindi pa, parang awa nyo na follow na po at magsubscribe na" hahahahaha

Its been a long time when my blog is at bereft of life. its now breezy... the aim is us to read again my travel adventure on my new compass.

taken month of april 2011, 2nd of the 7 Falls of Lake Sebu

from arable land, where I serve as the Promotion and Marketing of Department of Tourism

Metro manila 

to a feeder where i was now in corporate world.

I missed my province, the cryptic view of mindanao that always been articulated by reports connected to crimes and wars. Friends and love ones i left there, Avel "Bariles" Manansala and the rest of SOX bloggers. My tito Remo Aguillar and  Nanardz. The great Traveller, kuya Olan Fernandez Emboscado. Marz Bendol and the alluring ladies Leah Valle, my sis_baby Ira Suelan, to those most contributed to where I am now. To many to mention.

As I barge in to burg, the inamorata nail artist or I so-called Baby_Rinz, Rina Alcantara ,sorry hahahahahaha... make Toristang Pinoy comfortable at the traffic blaze of metro. My Big Bro's Habagat, Berniemack Arellano, Kuya Don and Kuya Fritz who's always checking on my where about. May idol friend which always there Journeying James, and Pink Tsinelas who is my text mate, sometimes hahahahahahaha.

Now that Toristang Pinoy break in the challenge of adventure.... Join me on my journey to espy the beauty and wonder of nature...

pack your bag. . . com'on up!!!. . . join my journey.....

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