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Hey guys! it's raining. . . 

Just seating right to a driver when I decided to update my blog. thinking what to write, as past reminiscence to my mind. I remember two young ladies who joins us for the shoot of one of the most mystical place of Mindanao. Lake Sebu

 Norguia and Carla

I was in Department of Tourism at that time when someone emailed me a letter of intent to ask for chartering them on my place of AOR. Chiefly, I only passing by those letters until one day i received call from The Filipino Channel (TFC). Answering my phone, a charming voice on a party line I heard. It was Norguia, a young expositor of TFC. 


 It was mid of May when they barge in. I was on my fever pitch so the office decided to have a team to anchor them. It was our research and documentation team who fix them headed by Micheal joined by my partner Roy and our alluring secretary Edna.

Edna joins TFC Beauties

We are assail by team TFC. A dewy cast consist of two ladies and a bent camera men. Their by end is to snap the town arcane yesterday, today and tomorrow. Its seven days Cleo, from the natures beauty to ethnic appreciation of excellence.

TFC ladies setting up videos

Giving a leg up to town Lake Sebu was very much accrue. This team give aptness to new generation of T'boli tribe.

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